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Invest In The UK’s Leading Glamping Brand!

The Opportunity

£6 Million

Capital Required


Annual Interest

£0.5 Million

Raised In First Week

Multiple investors will be considered. Minimum investment of £50,000. Returns example: £100,000 invested for 1 year would repay £112,000.

The Plan

The Assets


We have the time and the dedicated team to build the best, luxury glamping sites in the UK.


AvantGlamp have come together as industry leaders in each specific area to create the best glamping sites.


We have the land in the most sough after locations within the UK.

Who Are AvantGlamp

AvantGlamp is based in the UK and provides financing, management and expertise of setting up a Glamping site in partnership with landowners.

Soon to be launching one of the biggest Glamping resorts in the UK, AvantGlamp aims to be the best Glamping brand in the world with state of the art pod units, eco-friendly materials and green technology.

We have already confirmed our first glamping site opening in Q2 of 2024, and have several other locations in the process of planning applications.

The Group Of Experts

If an annual return of 12% sounds attractive to you, keep reading!

The demand for glamping is multiplying, and so is the AvantGlamp brand!

AvantGlamp aims to deliver 1,000 pods, over 100 sites, within the next 10 years. 

After the recent announcement of our flagship resort AvantGlamp at NEC, we have been inundated with “Partner With Us” requests.

We have received so many exciting and profitable opportunities that we have chosen to expand our investment opportunities. 

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AvantGlamp at NEC
The Flagship Resort!

The cutting-edge, 59 pod glamping resort, including 13 pods situated over the water with a view to Pendigo Lake, will be nestled within a serene woodland at the heart of the NEC, Birmingham!

The funding for AvantGlamp at NEC has already been secured, your investment will be used for one of other sites within the AvantGlamp brand.

Glamping Statistics and AvantGlamp

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AvantGlamp Partnership Options

Howdy Partner

AvantGlamp pay and manage some agreed aspects of the project. Landowners input time and/or money during setup and operation. Landowners make more money than when it's All On Us!

You're The Boss

Landowners pay for the site build, and we'll take care of the rest! From managing construction, to filling the glamping site with bookings, we've got it covered!

All On Us

AvantGlamp will pay for everything and do all the work. No financial or time input from landowners at all. Landowners sit back and watch the money roll in!

Why do landowners want to Partner With Us?

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Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your investment into a profitable Glamping Site with our expert assistance. It’s time to make your Glamping Dreams a reality with AvantGlamp!