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Got land but overwhelmed with time, money and expertise?

AvantGlamp can fully fund and manage your Dream Glamping site so you can sit back, relax and watch your bank account grow!

About Us

AvantGlamp is based in the UK and provides financing, management and expertise of setting up a Glamping site on your land. Soon to be launching the biggest Glamping site in the UK, AvantGlamp aims to be the best Glamping brand in the world with state of the art pod units, eco-friendly materials and green technology.
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AvantGlamp Package

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6 stunning luxury Glamping Pods on a purpose-designed site
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Option to extend to 12 Pods, depending on demand
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Expert design and high-quality build from industry professionals
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Join the AvantGlamp Marketing Network to increase your bookings
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Our expert team in the industry will design and build the site
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AvantGlamp Partnership

AvantGlamp Options

Howdy Partner

"We pay for and manage some agreed aspects of the project. You input time and/or money during setup and operation. You make more money than when it's all on us"

All On Us

"AvantGlamp will pay for everything and do all the work. No financial or time input from you at all. You sit back and watch the money roll in!"

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Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your unused land into a profitable Glamping Site with our expert assistance. It’s time to make your Glamping Dreams a reality with AvantGlamp!